Serge Bagdasarov / August Athlete of the Month

Kirkland CrossFit is excited to announce Serge Bagdasarov as our August Athlete of
the Month! You can find Serge often in the morning or noon classes encouraging his
fellow CrossFitters. And if you follow his social media, he likes to visit new CrossFit
gyms on his travels!

In 2003, at the age of 21, Serge miraculously beat stage three brain cancer through
healthy lifestyle choices, positive thinking, and without chemotherapy. He enjoys
sharing his story to inspire people worldwide about the advantages of focusing on
yourself and truly taking the best care of your body.

On November 25, 2015 Serge walked into KCF for his intro class with Coach Brigid.
He believes that day changed his life forever! He had been playing soccer and
occasionally running and trying silly diets, but it wasn’t until he was introduced to
CrossFit, did everything click. In less than one year, he has lost almost 40lbs and
now feels like he’s 17 again!

For many years, through his non-profit, Serge has had the privilege to represent
America on various international anti-drug forums and sports camps to promote
drug-free rehabilitation programs for young adults. Every summer, in collaboration
with other non-profits, he hosts a therapeutic sports camp that brings together
more than 1,000 recovering young adults from all around the world.

For five days, campers participate in different sports tournaments. Last year he
helped plan and organize the first Fitness Competition and it was a tremendous
success! This year Serge will again host the Fitness Competition as the main judge and
hold the trophy ceremony to award the best female and male athlete.

If you are inspired by Serge’s passion, he’s asking for donations to help bring more
campers to this life-changing event. His goal is to raise $4000 by Aug 20.

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