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Scott Harsila / Feb 2019 Athlete of the Month

We could not be more pumped to announce one of our OGs as February 2019 Athlete of the Month, Scott Harsila! Not only will Scott be celebrating (we’ll it’s really us celebrating him) 10 years at KCF this year, but he has recently been hitting PR after PR and we could not be prouder!! Check out Scott’s answers to the questions we asked below:

  1. How long have you been a member at Kirkland CrossFit? Do you remember your first experience? I started at Kirkland CrossFit in September of 2009 after doing WODs on my own for a few months. I found CrossFit being mentioned on some motorcycle forums as at the time I was training for long distance birthday bike races. I walked into KCF one evening and John put me to work! My first WOD was 100 OHS for time at 95 lbs, which quickly turned into just the bar to finish the WOD! I remember Harpa being there and totally crushing the WOD! After day 1 at KCF I was hooked and cancelled my Gold’s membership and never looked back!
  2. What keeps you coming back to KCF? The community and challenge of CrossFit. The coaches and athletes are always there pushing me harder even when I don’t want to! The Open every year is really fun to do on Saturdays with the gym!
  3. Do you have a favorite WOD or movement? Murph is my favorite WOD and always look forward to doing it with a big group at KCF. My favorite movements are snatches and thrusters.
  4. Do you have a least favorite WOD or movement? This one is easy, burpees! I know they are good for me, but it always makes my cringe when I see 50+ in a WOD. One year during the Open Tiffany and Chelsea were pushing me to finish the WOD with burpees. After Tiffany said, “you really hate those don’t you?”
  5. What’s your biggest personal accomplishment inside KCF? Learning to do ring muscle ups and getting a lot better at the snatch. Snatch is a lot like a golf swing, technique is really important over strength, always room for improvement.
  6. You’re currently participating in our New Year, Healthier You Challenge, anything you want to share about your commitment or progress in the challenge? I have been pretty good at logging my meals on my fitness pal, really helps to keep myself accountable. Generally I am eating better, keeping carbs low and protein high. In past challenges I have lost lean mass, so I hope with increased protein and strength work I can maintain lean mass while losing fat.
  7. Is there anything you want to share with the KCF community surrounding your personal fitness goals and/or accomplishments? I really enjoyed training for two CrossFit Strongman competitions held at Rainier CrossFit and competing with KCF athletes. I think I lifted a 240 lb stone, farmer carried with 180 lb per hand and yoke walked 450 lbs. I never thought I could do any of those things prior to training and competing. These days I am happy to train at KCF as much as I can and get to Oly class once a week and compete in the Open.
  8. You’ve recently been hitting some awesome PRs – anything you want to share about that? Through strength work and Oly class I have added 10 lbs to most of my working sets and hit a few PRs recently! Being consistent week to week with number of days at KCF really helps!
  9. Outside the gym, what are some of your favorite hobbies? I like to ski race in the recreational Cityleague on Thursday nights at Alpental and ski with my kids on Saturdays. CrossFit really helps to get ready for ski season. In the summertime I like to golf and ride dirt bikes when I can.
  10. Do you have a favorite place to vacation or travel to? Maui is our favorite vacation spot with family. I also really enjoy my 1-2 trips a year to Japan for work. In the summer I go to Bristol Bay, AK for a couple of weeks to help on my dad’s sockeye salmon commercial fishing boat.

Thanks Scott for your 10 years with KCF and also can’t wait to see continued successes!

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