Saturday 17.1 Open WOD

The Open has officially begun!! Are you nervous? excited? This event is always a fun experience, everyone who participates will find themselves challenged each week!! The format is simple, please don’t overthink this. We are leaving our normal Saturday class structure the same. Please sign up for classes as you normally would, if a class is full then sign up for a later class. You are HIGHLY encouraged to show up and cheer on our athletes!

Here is the official rules for this workout, please be familiar with the standards prior to you arrival. We will have a warm up posted and go in multiple heats, Good Luck!!!….of course this workout has unique dumbbell’s for the men, 50# we have a limited number of these. If you have a personal set and are willing to donate them for Saturday, please bring them:)


Also, I see a lot of athletes registered for the Open from our Kirkland CrossFit Affiliate, please log into your profile and join Team Kirkland CrossFit.

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