Lizotte Family / May 2022 Athletes of the Month

I am excited to announce Matt, Erica, Mia, Drew and Macie as our May 2022 Family Athletes of the Month! This family truly leads by example and I love seeing them all experiencing KCF together! Hard working, committed and strong are characteristics that each embody.  They will be moving back to Arizona soon and they will be greatly missed, especially Erica’s energy at 5:30AM! Thank you for everything you have given to Kirkland Community Fitness and look forward to visiting you all in the AZ sunshine!

  1. How long have you all been members at KCF? Do you remember your first experience? We have been members at KCF since January 2020. Our first memory of the gym is how friendly Marc Bauman is to EVERYONE!
  2. Having joined just before the pandemic, what did KCF mean to your family for health, fitness and community? We appreciate the way KCF handled the safety and wellness of its community during the pandemic. Allowing members to use equipment and knowing the importance of continuing to exercise for both physical and mental health. Our workouts were often our outing for the day and our time at KCF became a bright spot for all.
  3. What keeps you coming back to the gym day after day? Our main goal in life is to live limitless as long as possible. We have been participating in functional fitness workouts for 10+ years and find that it keeps us living our best life. We want to adventure with our family for MANY years to come and our time at KCF helps us reach that goal.
  4. Do you have a favorite WOD or movement? Do you have a least favorite WOD or movement? Matt loves deadlifts and dislikes thrusters, Erica loves burpees and dislikes weightlifting, Mia loves weightlifting and dislikes burpees, and Drew loves running and dislikes burpees.
  5. What’s your biggest personal accomplishment inside KCF? Matt’s biggest accomplishment is his commitment to extra workouts with Jason. Through Jason’s guidance and Matt’s hard work, he finished in the top 11% of his age group in the CrossFit Open. Erica is proud that KCF has become a family affair. Although the kids are not as consistent as their parents, they have seen us work hard and we have all sweat side by side.
  6. How important is having a gym community that your whole family can share in? KCF welcomes our entire family! We believe it is extremely important to model hard work, health, and wellness to our children. It is a MUST to find comfort in the uncomfortable things in life. Pushing past what you think your limits are. The WODs at KCF put you in that space daily. Kids learn by example, we love to have the opportunity to torture that at the gym!
  7. Outside the gym, what are some of your favorite hobbies as a family? A a family we love to hike, bike, and enjoy anything on the water (ocean or lake). We enjoy traveling to visit family and friends, as well as explore new areas. We spend most of our time support the kids in their various sports. Drew is heavily involved in hockey. Mia has been adventurous trying a variety of activities – hockey, golf, volleyball, and track! Macie LOVES gymnastics so she will be ready soon enough for her workouts to begin!
  8. What’s your favorite place to vacation? We love to travel! A a couple, we like adventure trips the best. Hiking high points and backpack camping, exploring new destinations. As a family, we love to go to the beach anywhere! KCF has been one of our best experiences in WA. The community and coaches are top notch! Thank you for supporting, encouraging, and pushing your athletes to be their very BEST!



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