Kevin & Gail Merriman / March 2022 Athletes of the Month

We are stocked to name mother and son team, Gail and Kevin Merriman our March 2022 Athletes of the Month! Kevin started at KCF last summer and convinced his mom to join him in the fun at the end of last year! Individually they are super positive, hardworking and dedicated to 5:30am classes, but together they make a great team and push one another in spicy partner workouts! In addition to being awesome athletes, they are incredible people and are completing an upcoming fitness challenge to raise money and awareness for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Please read the below from Kevin! We are proud to have Kevin and Gail in our community!

We are SO honored to be members of the month, we love coming to the gym and have met so many amazing people.
My mother and I have decided to complete an awesome fitness challenge to raise money: The 4x4x48 Challenge where we will be running 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours straight (48 miles total). We will start the challenge on March 11th, 2022 @ 4pm and finish on March 13, 2022 @ 4pm. We really want to use this opportunity to raise money for a good cause and have decided to team up with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center! We have set up a landing page through Fred Hutch CLICK LINK
We want to reach out to the KCF community to see if anyone was passionate about this cause and interested in donating or joining us for some of our 4 mile runs along the way! To make it easy for anyone looking to join us, we plan to meet in the parking lot of the gym for our run on Saturday March 12th @ 4:00pm and anyone is welcome.
Why are we doing it?
Honoring: Our grandmother/mother-in-law Joyce Merriman who volunteered many years for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She believed in their cause and research in the battle to find a cure for cancer. When she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, her treatment brought her to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Fred Hutchinson. Although she lost her battle with cancer, we feel that with this event we can honor and her memory and help with the fight.
Added Bonus: Any person who donates and commits to running one 4-mile leg with us, Team Merriman will match their donation!!
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