Karrie Cardiff / December 2021 Athlete of the Month

Happy to announce Karrie Cardiff as our December 2021 Athlete of the Month – and also our 5:30am rockstar regular!! As a longtime member – about nine years – Karrie embraces the community feel with her positive attitude and smile.Karrie is a busy working mom of two awesome kids and we are thankful she loves to start each day with us! Thank you, Karrie for everything you bring to our gym! Learn more about Karrie below:

  1. How long have you been a member of KCF? Do you remember your first class? I’ve been a member about 9 years. I joined not long after I had my oldest. I remember a great community, everyone was so welcoming and the coaches were very dedicated.
  2. What keeps you coming back to the gym day after day? All the friends I’ve made there keep me coming back. During the height of the pandemic I worked out at home. Once I started going back to KCF and seeing people in person, I noticed a huge boost in my mood. It really cemented for me how important face to face interaction is. I also get super cranky if I don’t workout. I have so much more energy throughout the day if I just get up and do it. I used to workout at night before kids. Now I can’t imagine excising after work. I am also proud to support a female owned business.
  3. Do you have a favorite WOD or movement? My favorite movement is double under, mostly because it’s what I’m best at.
  4. Do you have a least favorite WOD or movement? I am not a fan of gymnastic movements. They’ve never been my thing. When I was a kid my grandparents signed me up for gymnastics class and I was the only kid at the end of it who couldn’t do a handstand.
  5. What’s your biggest personal accomplishment inside KCF? I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster ride over the past nine years. I was doing really good before having my second child, but two kids was a game changer in so many ways. I pushed myself too hard, to fast coming back and got injured. I am so competitive and it was heartbreaking for me. Letting go of that need to compete, comparing myself to others, and just being able to accept the fact I am getting up and going to the gym consistently is a huge accomplishment and that’s okay for now. I am finally to the point where I feel like my body is healing and getting stronger again. I attribute it to learning to let go of all that. I know I will get there again.
  6. Is there anything you want to share with the KCF community surrounding your personal fitness goals and successes? I am currently working on trying to get back to unassisted pull-ups and RX toes to bar.
  7. Outside the gym, what are some of your favorite hobbies? I love spending time with my husband and two kids. I like to read and listen to podcasts. I am a data analyst by profession, so I am a huge data nerd.
  8. What’s your favorite place to vacation as a family? Hawaii – who doesn’t like to vacation there?
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