The Communal Impact on Health

The Communal Impact on Health

Though I believe this to be an already well-known fact in society, I feel it is a great reminder to not only be active, whether that is in CrossFit or some other physical activity, but also that socializing and communion is vital to enhancing your life and your physiological health.

One great thing about CrossFit is that it is often characterized by being a highly social and community based fitness program. We as members of a larger community are not only improving, and extending our lives through sweat and sore muscles, but we are able to share, confide, and grow with each other and through each others experience and empathetic action.

As I began writing this post, I said to myself, “I don’t want this to be all about CrossFit necessarily, but the specific actions that go on within our gym and surrounding gyms” I am here to encourage/remind you, and remind myself that as much as it is important to try your hardest, and do your best to become fitter each day, it is equally important to take time to listen, and inspire others within our walls of the gym.

Researchers worldwide are taking notice in this fact, and more importantly, I hope normal people like you and I realize that it is essential to be present, and willing to serve each other in order to further and grow our community within and outside our gym.

I attempted to find some meaningful sources that illustrate this idea and vision I have in my head, and I found a few that illustrate not only the importance of helping others and being there for others, but also the NEED and the WANT by others to feel encouraged, and connected with other thoughtful humans. One that is more of a qualitative study, wanted to find out what the cancer care dynamic was like in the perspective of the patient, here is a line from this article, “The importance of human connection constituted a clear thematic pattern among all the study participants, such that it might be considered a universal ingredient of effective cancer care communication.”

As much as I believe that human connection within the healthcare setting is absolutely essential for recovery and improvement in health contexts, I see human connection as the, “universal ingredient” for CrossFit gyms and fitness communities alike.

KCF is undoubtedly, the most community oriented gym I have ever been apart of, I attribute that to the unparalleled leadership, and the incredible human beings I am delighted to call my friends. I hope this post will remind and encourage you that yes, Fitness is important. However, friendship is more important, go get fit together!

I love my FIT-FAM! You all are the best.


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