Thank you & Congrats to Trainer Mike

We want to take a moment to thank Coach Mike Neville for his three years of training at Kirkland CrossFit and congratulate him as he begins his next chapter with Maple Valley Fire Academy! Mike was offered a job with Maple Valley Fire as a Volunteer Firefighter and will begin his academy training next month. […]

WODIFY Billing Update

We are switching all of our billing to Wodify! You will enter your own payment information and it will be kept 100% secure! Kirkland CrossFit staff will not be able to see your accounting details. Your next charge will be processed through Wodify starting the  first of each month.  We will begin full monthly billing starting August 1 2017. […]

I’ll Carry You 

Partner WOD: 800m run w/plate 25/45# 40 sit ups  40 ground to overhead w/plate  400m run w/plate  40 v-ups 40 squats w/plate  200m run w/plate  40 push-ups  40 side twists 200m run w/plate  40 plate pass (back to back) 40 lunges w/plate  * partners run together and trade off carrying plate  * one partner works […]

Heavy Mile

Every 2 mins for 20 mins: 1 squat snatch Heavy Mile: 800m run  10 power snatch (95/65#) 20 burped step overs (24/20″) 50 grasshoppers  30 air squats  15 toe to bar 800m run 

Introducing WODIFY

Our Mission is to provide our members with world-class functional fitness that can be used in everyday activity and to involve them in a family-like community that supports and celebrates their accomplishments and well-being. We are committed to bringing out the best in each and every one of our members. As we grow, our focus […]

Kevin Koester / July Athlete of the Month

We are proud to highlight Kevin Koester as our Athlete of the Month! In just two weeks he will be heading to complete at the CrossFit Games and we wouldn’t be more excited to support him! Check out Kevin’s answers to a few questions we proposed to him: What sports did you play going up […]