Friday 011717

​ ​Friday Work on muscle up skillz, bar and/or rings Then For time: 20 cal row 30 burpees 40 DB ground to over head 50 TTB 100 over head lunges 25/45 plates 200 m run

Thursday 021617

Thursday Deadlift super set w pull ups 5-5-5-3-3-3 6-10 Strict/weighted pull ups Then 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Box jumps Thrusters 65/95

Tuesday 021417

Snatch 2-2-2-1-1-1 Then 30 clean and jerks EMOM 4 OTB burpees 


40-30-20-10 Wallballs (14/20) Row for cal. (Ladies 30-20-15-10) Push-ups (rx+ hspu 20-15-10-5) KB swings


Work on Handstand skills Then FGB style 3 rounds 1 min at each exercise Pull ups Du’s Push press 65/95 Squats  Russian style KB swing 53/70 Rest

2017 Open, Road the the CrossFit Games

Are you doing the Open this year?? Why not??! The Open is the one time of the year that the entire global CrossFit community competes in a single event. If you’ve done the Open in the past then you remember how much fun this event can be and how close it brings our community together. […]

Saturday Buddy Wod

800m run together  2rounds (split all reps evenly)  Trolley Knee Tucks x50 KB Sumo Deadlift x40 (53/70) Burpee-Pullups x30 Ring Dips x20 Kb 1 arm farmers walk x4 x 50m 800m run together to finish 

Friday action

​​ Yes ladies and gents if look close, that is our good friend Anton’s hand slipping and him rolling it out! Too good  ​​ ​​

Friday, Box what? 021017

What was the take away from today?  – Moving objects across distance with fluctuations of resistance that come from inconsistencies in our pushes.  – Be consistent with your work in reality Everyone of you fighters laid it out today in the name of fitness and being on top of things.  Here part of the videos […]