Tuesday 013117

Anotha session of snatches in the bag. Today we got to look into & feel that speed getting under the bar. Bar path first then we can put some spice on it. And then that 10 min amrap was good times, one arm anything is good for creating symmetry and building that stability in the […]

PL 17.4

“Power Max” With a 14-minute clock, complete 4 rounds of: 8 Deadlifts 115/185 14 Calorie Row Men / 10 Calorie Row Women Once the 4 rounds are complete, use the remaining time on the same running clock to find: 1 Rep Max Clean

Quick complex 

Today was a great group of hard workers. It’s a pleasure to see everyone focusing on technique. 1 power clean + 1 hang power clean + 1 jerk. Hook grip, open hip, shrug, elbows high and outside then pull yourself under the bar.  Score was full round you got Thur plus reps.

20 Min AMRAP

20 min Amrap 50 mountain climbers 10R + 10L Bulgarian Split Squats (25’s / 35’s)  10 Burpee Broad Jumps 10 DB Strict Press (25’s / 35’s) 

Friday grinday 012717

Gotta love them snatches. A complex movement done a lot of times becomes a more simple movement to us. Love to see the want and readiness to learn! You guys made today fun. Friday 4 rounds Run 400 or row 500 25 wallballs 75 Double unders 10 Snatches

Thursday 012617

Thursday 3 Front squat & 5 back squat 1-1-1 at same weight Then 12 min amrap 7 thrusters 95/135 7 CTB Pull ups 7 OTB burpees

Tuesday 012417

TuesdayClean and jerk 2-2-2-1-1-1 Clean pulls 3-3-3 Then 21-15-9 Russian style KB swings 53/70 Box jumps


3 rounds 3min max cal row 1 min rest 4 min amrap  10 OHS 65/95 10 TTB 2 min rest

PL 17.3

15 min AMRAP4 Cleans 95/135 8 Lunges with Kettlebell 35/53 8 Pull-Ups 8 Lunges with Kettlebell 35/53 32 Double-Unders

Sunday endo fun!

Such a great group this morning. It was a grind for 30 mins but it was fun to see everyone chipping away. Focus today was keeping your core tight to help transfer that power created with your hip into your arms and legs.